Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance

The travel industry has been through seismic change over the last decade and so has the way we travel. Package holidays may still be popular but, with the advent of the Internet and low costs flights, independent travel has grown exponentially. There has never been so many different ways to get to so many different places.

Insurance policies have had to adapt to meet the changes and nowadays there are lots of different types of cover. If you’re a frequent traveller (don’t forget the shopping trips over the Channel) an annual travel policy might be for you: if it’s a business trip then you’ll need different cover altogether.

The important thing is to get the right policy for with the right level of cover. Travelling back to the UK in an air ambulance is not the best time to discover your policy didn’t include bungee jumping.

Our range of products means we will be able to find the right policy for you so give us a call now.